10 Advantages of Advertising Your Law Practice with Google AdWords

10 Advantages of Advertising Your Law Practice on Google AdWords
People are searching Google for your legal services. Will you be there in their search results?

There are countless ways for Lawyers to advertise their practice in today’s modern and digital society. There are many, more traditional, forms of advertising that are still effective today such as radio advertising including live event promotions, commercials, interviews, and more. However, none are as measurable, flexible, or targeted as Google AdWords.

Here are 10 advantages your law practice can benefit from advertising with Google AdWords:

#1: AdWords are Cost Effective

You set the budget

Since you set your budget and AdWords never exceeds your budget, you’ll never find AdWords to be unaffordable. In order to see the highest return on investment, you will want to invest a good portion of your advertising budget to AdWords. The more you invest, the more results you’ll receive. You can alter your budget at any time. You might consider increasing your budget once you see great results.

Don’t pay until you see results

Additionally, you don’t pay unless someone actually sees, clicks, or converts from your ad (depending on your conversion method; clicks, impressions, or acquisition).

Don’t pay more than you have to

Even though you bid for the maximum amount your willing to pay for a click, impression, or conversion, you only pay as much as the next lowest bidder when your ad wins the bidding auction.

#2: AdWords Ads are Highly Targeted


The more relevant your ad is to a user’s search, the more likely it is to be displayed in search results and the more likely the user is to convert. You choose what keywords you want your ads to rank for. You can use the Keyword Planner to help determine the best keywords for your industry.


You can target your ads to users who are searching on a mobile device. Here you are able to maximize the benefits of click-to-call ads. In one click, the user goes from searching on Google to calling your office.

Click-to-call Ad


With Google AdWords you can target your ads to users located within a specific location or users searching for information about a specific location. For example, you can target someone searching within Toronto or you can target someone searching for the query “Toronto.”

You can target broad locations like all of Canada or very small locations like a radius surrounding your office.


If you offer bilingual services, in English and French for example, you might consider AdWords campaigns in both languages to target users who might only speak English or only speak French.


You can target your ads to show in search results for specific times of day or days of the week. This might be relevant, for example, if you want your click-to-call ads to only show while your office is open.

#3: AdWords are Measurable

Every little detail of your campaigns is tracked by Google AdWords analytics. You can see exactly what is and isn’t working within your campaigns and decide what needs to be adjusted to get better results. This is exactly what your campaign manger will do for you to ensure you’re getting the maximum return on your AdWords investment.

#4: AdWords are Flexible

You can make instant alterations to your campaigns, whenever you want to, and watch your analytics change in accordance. It is recommended that you only change one thing at a time, however, so you can effectively measure its success.

#5: AdWords Rank Faster than SEO

Your ads can start appearing in search results as soon as your campaign is optimized and you make your first bid. Organic SEO takes a lot of time and commitment to develop and climb the rankings in search results.

#6: AdWords Appear Before SEO

AdWords Ads Appear Above the Fold and Before SEO in Google Search Results

Ads appear above the fold. This means, it’s the first thing people see in search results, even before your organic listings. Sometimes your organic results don’t show above the fold at all, meaning, the user would have to scroll down the page past the ads and the local results to see the organic results.

#7: AdWords Enhance SEO

Using AdWords can enhance your SEO performance because it helps you to better understand your keywords. Using your AdWords analytics, you can see which keywords are performing well and adjust your SEO strategy to target these keywords and ultimately boost your organic rankings.

#8: AdWords Ads are More Engaging

Google AdWords vs. Organic Listings

AdWords ads are more engaging and interactive than organic results because they come in many forms, not just text. Even the text ads are more engaging because they use ad extensions (call-out buttons that help viewers to quickly find the right information). AdWords also comes in the form of image ads, video ads, GIFs, and shopping ads.

#9: AdWords Ads have a Custom Landing Page

Choose a custom-landing page to accompany your ads and control exactly what the user can see and do once they click on your ad. It may be tempting to only include your call-to-action on your landing page to encourage conversions but you shouldn’t completely restrict the user from clicking throughout your website.

#10: AdWords can Target Unconverted Leads

If someone was previously on your website but didn’t convert, you can use remarketing to show your ads on Google’s large network of partner websites (Display Network) to provoke the user to convert.

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Natalie Waddell

Founder and President at LawyerLocate.ca Inc.
Natalie was spirited to start this company after a frustrating and poor personal experience when searching for a lawyer back in the late nineties. “I quickly realized that the tools available to assist someone in finding the right lawyer were grossly inadequate. Not only inadequate for the individual in need of a lawyer, but also inadequate for the lawyers in search of new clients. There had to be a better way to connect clients and lawyers in a more efficient manner – without wasting everybody’s time and effort”, explains Natalie.

Natalie brings a passion to the business that ensures the entire LawyerLocate.ca team strives to improve the service for both lawyers and the general public. To that end, she is committed to ongoing communication with our members and welcomes and relies on clients’ input to continually evolve the service to make it better for all.

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