Brainstorming Law Blog Topics

Brainstorming Law Blog Topics

Last week I wrote about how to stay inspired for consistent legal blogging. If you followed Paige Brown Jarreau and my two-step advice, you might find that you’ve had an easier time writing blog posts.

However, sometimes life gets so busy that you can’t even think about taking proactive steps. If this sounds like you, you might still be having difficulty finding topics for your legal blog.

If that’s the case, we’re here to save the day.

Tips for Brainstorming Legal Blog Topics

Local Inspiration

The first thing you should do is brainstorm topics that might interest your potential local clients. This might include local events, charities and fundraisers, activities within the community, headings in the local news, and even holiday happenings.

For example, business lawyers can blog about donating to a local charity. Employment lawyers can blog about encouraging employees to participate in a fundraiser or a charity event. Immigration lawyers can blog about community cultural events.

Nation-wide Inspiration

If you can’t find anything inspiring locally, start to branch out. Take a look at your province as a whole, or even Canada as a whole. Often times we can relate to Canadians across the country because of trending topics that affect us all on a certain level.

For example, criminal lawyers could blog about drinking and driving over the holidays. Employment lawyers could blog about winter safety. Family lawyers could blog about the stress of the holidays spiking separation rates.


Look for questions asked by the public that are related to your area of law. Consider how these questions might relate to your area of law or how your answer might differ based on your geographic location.

For example, an Employment lawyer might find that someone wants to know “How do I go about hiring a seasonal employee to only cover Christmas and the New Year?” A Real Estate lawyer might find there’s a high demand for information for first time homeowners.

Competitive Inspiration

Look to your competitors for inspiration. Take a look at their blog. Are they blogging on a regular basis or have they fallen off the face of the earth? Do they receive a lot of engagement on their blogs? If yes, what can you learn from them? If not, what are they doing wrong that you might be able to do better? What topics do they cover on their blog?

For example, you might find that your competitor posts a 1500-word blog post every Friday on a case from the SCC complete with lawyer jargon and structure. Experiment with discussing these SCC rulings in a concise, specific, and enlightening blog post personalized for your client’s needs.

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