It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Lawsuits

Christmas Lawsuits for Canadian Lawyers

Christmas Lawsuits for Canadian Lawyers

‘Tis the season for happiness, laughter, family gatherings, stress, disputes, and unfortunately, lawsuits. The added pressure and extreme costs associated with Christmas and New Years results in a flood of lawsuits and cases for Canadian lawyers.

Merry Christmas Lawyers

Let’s take a look at scenarios in a few areas of law that may lead to cases for Canadian lawyers this Christmas.

Employment Lawyers

Employers hire over Christmas in mass numbers to accommodate the busy holiday shoppers. Sometimes this leads to improperly trained workers and, ultimately, issues involving WSIB and occupational health and safety claims.

Employers occasionally hire immigrants if necessary which may lead to visitor visa complications. It’s important that employers provide proper compensation for holiday hours.

Criminal Lawyers

The holidays often bring impairment that might lead to potential criminal offenses such as drug offenses, highway traffic offences, impaired driving, parole/probation violations, restraining order applications and violations, and abuse.

Civil Lawyers

Environmental issues such as salting and/or sanding roads and plowing sidewalks and driveways, private and public, are plausible disputes in the winter.

Other potential claims include property damage, motor vehicle accidents, disability law, product liability, landlord and tenant and personal injury.

Family Lawyers

Family stress and tension is high over the holidays and frequently leads to legal troubles such as bankruptcy, child and/or spousal support issues, child custody and/or access complications, and separation and divorce.

Immigration Lawyers

Foreigners commonly travel to Canada to visit family over the holidays or file to permanently reside in Canada. This can bring many immigration cases such as citizenship complications, permanent resident applications, and visitor and work visas.

Luckily for most Canadians, this winter seems to be milder than last (knock on wood). This may eliminate a few potential weather related lawsuits however; there are many other legal issues that are bound to occur.

How to Stay Jolly & Lawsuit-free this Christmas

Try not to let the holiday stress cloud your jolliness. Be humbled by what you have in life and focus your energy on being happy, healthy, and helping others. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about, right?

Think of someone who might be struggling this Christmas and go out of your way to help them. Here are a few things you can do this holiday season to stay jolly:

  • Help an elder with their Christmas shopping.
  • Help a disabled person cross the icy street.
  • Shovel your neighbour’s driveway if you notice they haven’t got around to it.
  • Donate old toys and warm clothing to a local charity or family in need.
  • Invite an acquaintance into your home for the holidays.
  • Salt the sidewalks in your neighbourhood.
  • Carry jumper cables and an emergency kit in your vehicle in case of emergency or seeing someone else in need of help.
  • Remind your friend to call a cab if they’ve had too many eggnog martinis.
  • Take extra time to travel to shopping malls or family gatherings when the weather is poor.

If you do find you’re in need of a lawyer this holiday season, let do the work for you.

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  1. Fred Summers says:

    I could see there being a rise in the numbers of legal issues over the holidays. It is a stressful time and there is a lot of overturn. I know it could be difficult if you were hired with a promise to stay but the drop off after the holidays led to problems. It’s good to remember to stay in the spirit and not get dragged down by the issues.

    • Kelsey Vere says:

      Thanks for your comment, Fred. I think Employment Law is one area of law that might receive the largest spike in lawsuits over the holidays. Can you attest to that? What about workplace injury? Does WSIB cases increase over the winter?

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