Do you write your own social media posts?


I am curious to know just how many of us actually write our own tweets, post to our business Facebook profiles, and update our LinkedIn accounts?

I know from conversation (and observation), many of you have contracts with a third-party to have help developing and maintaining your social networking.

They design and develop your social network pages and start the process of “collecting” friends, connections and followers.

This is fine, but where do you go from here?

Do you continue to let these third-parties “masquerade” as yourselves – or do you take the opportunity to learn from them and then continue on the social networking path yourselves?

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the goal of social networking to present yourself to the “world” and to develop personal relationships with your clients and colleagues?

Why is it then that we see Twitter accounts for lawyers and firms that are clearly being managed 100% by a third-party?

I get that you are all busy people. I get that finding the time to tweet and post to social networking sites is time consuming and that having an assistant or consultant do it is way to “get it done”. But if you are going to do it, my advice to you is this:

  • Hire a consultant to get you started. Have them work with you to develop a social networking strategy. And make sure they teach you the tools that not only help you with your social networking tasks, but that also make the very best use of your valuable time.
  • If you hire a third-party or use your assistant to do the postings, you should, at the very least make a commitment to personally add posts on a regular basis.

Mark Robins

Chief Executive Officer at Inc.
Mark came to Inc. with thirty years involvement in the Canadian legal industry. As a respected investigative consultant, Mark has worked with some of the largest and smallest law firms in Canada. His additional background in sales and marketing, as well as his knowledge of business operations, helps to guide Inc. in providing a superior service to each and every one of our members.

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