Happy 1st Month Anniversary CASL

Happy 1st Month Anniversary CASL

How is your inbox looking? Clean, fresh, and free of spam emails? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Many Canadians are still receiving spam emails left, right, and centre. In fact, as of July 4th, just three days after CASL took effect, more than 1,000 complaints of spam were filed. Imagine the number of complaints after one month.

Why am I Still Receiving Spam?

There’s a three-year probation period for CASL. This gives business a chance to get used to implementing the legislation into their marketing strategies and communication efforts. It also leaves three years for consumers to continue receiving spam emails.

“The legislation is seeking to strike a balance between the privacy of Canadians and the legitimate businesses that need to communicate with Canadians, so there are some exemptions in the rules. People will continue to receive emails but hopefully only legitimate ones,” Bombardier says.

What Can I do About the Spam I Receive?

Some CEM may be from a legitimate business trying to contact you for a relevant reason. Other CEM may be from pesky scammers who don’t have your consent to communicate. If you feel an email you have received is in fact spam, you can report it by forwarding the email to Spam@FightSpam.gc.ca or using the form on CRTC’s website or on the Government of Canada’s website.

You may not get far with your complaint as Bombardier says,

“We will be strategic in which ones we pursue for investigations but we will review all the complaints.”

How Can I Legally Find New Clients?

You should be able to gather new clients through the use of social media, regular blogging, maintaining a quality website, and doing your job at a high level of efficiency and satisfaction to your current clients. This will generate word-of-mouth and viral marketing that can lead to new business. In-person and virtual networking events are also a great way to reach new clients.

Give your marketing strategy a shake. CASL is here and it means business. It’s time to get creative and find new ways to reach potential clients.

Kelsey Vere

Social Content & New Media Specialist at Digital eMspace
As the Social Content & New Media Specialist for Digital eMspace, a division of LawyerLocate.ca Inc, Kelsey is the sole contributor to Digital eMspace’s Blog and a fellow contributor to LawyerLocate.ca Inc.’s blog, DiscoverCanadianLawyers.ca with Samantha Collier. Kelsey also manages Digital eMspace, LawyerLocate.ca Inc., and LegalTube.ca’s social media networks. Kelsey graduated with distinction from the Advertising Program at Conestoga College in 2013 and won the Outstanding Achievement Award of 2012/13.

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