Meet Mitch Kowalski at the LSUC Solo and Small Firm Conference

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meet mitch kowalski at the lsuc solo and small firm conferenceAre you attending the LSUC Solo and Small Firm Conference this year?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that is presenting a book signing with ABA best-seller Mitch Kowalski on May 23, 2013 during the lunch break at the booth.

Legal conferences are bustling with vendor booths, networking events and more. We know your time is valuable (especially after sitting through a CLE program or two) and that’s why we’re thrilled Mitch could make it.

Why Mitch Kowalski Understands Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

Mitch Kowalski has an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials including:

  • Top 50 Fastcase Global Innovator 2012
  • Author of the ABA best-seller Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century
  • Legal Pundit at Mitch writes a weekly column critiquing the legal services industry with comments on how it can improve
  • Legal Blogger for the National Post which is consistently ranked among the ABA’s Top 100 Legal Blogs
  • Partner at Shaprio Cho & Kowalski

As a solo or small firm lawyer in Canada, you’ve no doubt witnessed the changes taking place in the legal profession. Technology is transforming the way we practice law in 21st century. Images of high-priced lawyers slaving into the night to meet deadlines can become a thing of the past.

Directly inspired by Richard Susskind’s ground-breaking The End of Lawyers (Oxford Univ. Press 2008), Mitchel counsels lawyers on how to deliver real results and keep their clients, and themselves, happy in the process. Say goodbye to cranky clients and burned out lawyers!

What Others are Saying

“This is the most innovative law practice management book I’ve ever seen…an engaging novel about the lives of working lawyers with an illuminating treatise on how law firms must respond to extraordinary change in the legal marketplace. Avoiding Extinction is as entertaining as it is instructive, and it couldn’t be more timely.”

Jordan Furlong, Partner, Edge International

The Details

  • Date: Thursday, May 23, 2013
  • Time: Lunch Break
  • Where: Booth, Metro Toronto Convention Center, North Building
  • Register:

Natalie Waddell

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Natalie was spirited to start this company after a frustrating and poor personal experience when searching for a lawyer back in the late nineties. “I quickly realized that the tools available to assist someone in finding the right lawyer were grossly inadequate. Not only inadequate for the individual in need of a lawyer, but also inadequate for the lawyers in search of new clients. There had to be a better way to connect clients and lawyers in a more efficient manner – without wasting everybody’s time and effort”, explains Natalie.

Natalie brings a passion to the business that ensures the entire team strives to improve the service for both lawyers and the general public. To that end, she is committed to ongoing communication with our members and welcomes and relies on clients’ input to continually evolve the service to make it better for all.

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