5 iOS 8.1 Features for Lawyers with iPhones

5 iOS 8.1 Features for Lawyers with iPhones

Have you updated your iPhone to the iOS 8.1 software? Don’t be fooled by the decimal digit, the .1 upgrade has a lot of new features to offer Apple users, especially if you update your Mac to OS X Yosemite. We’re going to highlight a few key features and lifestyle benefits that lawyers can take advantage of.

1. Apple Pay

The feature with the most hype is probably Apple Pay. You must have an Apple partnered card linked with your Apple ID in order for this feature to work. Yes, there’s a cheat for Apple Pay for Canadian lawyers. @Macworld has a great article outlining how and where to use Apple Pay. Could Apple Pay make its way to the legal profession and private practices?

2. Handoff

When Blackberry Passport was launched, they raved about their new Blackberry Blend feature. Well, now you have similar continuity with Apple’s Handoff. Handoff allows you to start a project on one device and finish it on another. What a time saver for busy legal professionals! @iGeeksBlog has a great article outlining how to setup Handoff. What apps do you use in your legal profession that Handoff could come in handy for?

3. iMessage, SMS, and MMS Relay

Another neat feature with Blackberry’s latest release is being able to see your mobile device conversations on your computer. Apple has always had iMessage on their devices, but now SMS Relay allows you to SMS and MMS via your Mac. Your phone is no longer a distraction to your work. Watch this video to find out how to activate Text Message forwarding.

4. Phone Calls from your Mac

When you receive a phone call on your iPhone, you can see it and answer it on your Mac (with OS X Yosemite). Alternatively, you can make a phone call from your Mac using your iPhone’s contacts. @IBTimes has a great article outlining how to make and receive calls on your Mac via iPhone. Multitask by working on a client’s files while talking hands free and wirelessly with them on your Mac.

5. Hotspot

Need to work on something on your Mac but don’t have Wi-Fi in the car, park, or in Timbuktu? It’s now easier than ever to activate your Wi-Fi hotspot from your iPhone. Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > On. Done! Now you can work on your Mac using your iPhone’s data. Keep your data plan in mind when using your hotspot.

Are you using iOS 8.1 to its highest potential? Maybe you’ve found tricks that have helped improve your legal lifestyle. Care to share?

Natalie Waddell

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