3 Legal Blogging Myths Demystified


Do you remember the feeling you had as a child when you learned that Santa Claus wasn’t real, or when you learned that the Easter Bunny was a sham? These common myths might have caused us to become dysfunctional adults; however, other myths such as the ones I’m going to share with you regarding law blogs can be pretty detrimental as well.

Myth # 1 – You Have to Be An Excellent Writer to Have a Successful Blog

Did you know that the majority of all blogs are personal blogs? The minority of business blogs are run by quirky, yet professional, writers. You don’t need to be the next Ernest Hemingway to start your own legal blog. Yes grammar counts, but blogging is more like conversation. Your readers should feel like you’re talking to them like a trusted friend. Blogs should also be short (300 – 500 words) and should be focused on one subject.

Myth # 2 – Once You Start a Blog, The Money Will Start Rolling In

Writing a blog is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s going to take time, blood, sweat and yes, sometimes tears. You might not get a lot of website traffic or social shares at first, but, after you write consistently for three to six months, you’ll see things picking up. You will diligently check your Google Analytics (of course) and you’ll find out what other blogs are sending traffic back to your site. If you have a “contact me” button, you’ll notice that it will start to be clicked more often. It just takes patience and persistence.

Myth # 3 – You Will Spend Hours and Hours Writing a Blog Post

Lawyers, I’m talking to you, blog are not legal briefs or pleadings. You don’t need to include footnotes; however, you should hyperlink back to your sources. Blog posts should be concise and should stick to one subject. As long as they are serving your audience and answering a possible question they might have, you’re heading in the right direction. Lastly, you should include headings and bulleted lists in your blog posts if you can – it’s much easier to read that way.

From your experience, what are some of the biggest blogging myths you hear on a regular basis? What has kept you from starting a legal blog? We look forward to your comments below.

Natalie Waddell

Founder and President at LawyerLocate.ca Inc.
Natalie was spirited to start this company after a frustrating and poor personal experience when searching for a lawyer back in the late nineties. “I quickly realized that the tools available to assist someone in finding the right lawyer were grossly inadequate. Not only inadequate for the individual in need of a lawyer, but also inadequate for the lawyers in search of new clients. There had to be a better way to connect clients and lawyers in a more efficient manner – without wasting everybody’s time and effort”, explains Natalie.

Natalie brings a passion to the business that ensures the entire LawyerLocate.ca team strives to improve the service for both lawyers and the general public. To that end, she is committed to ongoing communication with our members and welcomes and relies on clients’ input to continually evolve the service to make it better for all.

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