Why You Should Make Your Blog Pictures Interactive

Interactive Blog Photos

What is the next big thing in social media? This is a question I often ask myself. When it comes to social media for Canadian lawyers, is there really anything new? Well the answer is yes my friends, and it’s a neat tool called Thinglink. Thinglink is a widget that creates interactive images for your blog posts or website.

How it Works

Thinglink is easy to use. To use it, you need to upload the Thinglink plug-in for Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. You upload a picture and tag links, text, audio or video on the picture. Your tags will appear as customizable dots on the image. When a reader hovers the cursor over the dot, the information in the label appears. You can also add a description or links to extra information in each tag. Here’s how it works:

1) Choose an image

2) Add links to the image

3) Share your interactive image to your website and/or blog

Ideas on How to Use ThingLink

1) Create Infographics relating to your practice area and embed links to the practice area pages on your website. Additionally, if someone “borrows” your infographic without proper attribution, you will always have the links pointing to the original source.

2) Add tags to the showcase image on the homepage of your website. If you have pictures of your lawyers on your homepage, add tags to their bio’s. If you share pictures of charitable work, add tags to videos and or links.

3) Add tags to lawyer bio images. You could embed links to videos, media mentions, etc. You could customize the icon image to be the icon of the media publisher, etc.

Why Canadian Lawyers Should Use It

1) Blog Posts with Pictures Get Shared More Often. Thinglink will “supersize” your images; therefore, your blog post will get more hits which leads to more engagement.

2) Thinglink is a brand new technology and most lawyers are traditional when it comes to social media. They stick with what’s tried and tested, and I completely understand this hinderance. However, this is a simple way to “get ahead of the pack” and outdo your competition.

3) As you know, readers love to read blog posts and view website with vibrant images. Your tagged images will entice readers to read more, click more and stay on your site.

Thinglink is being used by The Discovery Channel, CBS Interactive, Federated Media and more. You can check out Thinglink for free using their free membership that is for testing the potential of interactive images. It includes basic tagging and analytics. The paid membership is expensive starting at $250 per month.

What do you think? Will you test out Thinglink?




Natalie Waddell

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Natalie brings a passion to the business that ensures the entire LawyerLocate.ca team strives to improve the service for both lawyers and the general public. To that end, she is committed to ongoing communication with our members and welcomes and relies on clients’ input to continually evolve the service to make it better for all.

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