How To Create a Impressive LinkedIn Law Firm Company Page


Have you checked out what your law firm Company Page looks like on LinkedIn? If not, take a look. More and more of your potential clients are doing their research online and one of the first places they look is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn company pages used to be boring and static – not anymore. There are lots of things you can do to create an engaging and interesting visitor experience. The goal is have users “follow” your page so that your company status updates are seen on their home pages. Most businesses aren’t using LinkedIn Company pages to their full potential and they are missing out on a great opportunity for business. It’s free too! Here are three easy ways to liven up your law firm LinkedIn Company page.

Get More Followers

It’s important to encourage users to “follow” your LinkedIn Company Page so that they see your company status updates. Add follow buttons to your blog, website, signature line, newsletter, etc. Tweet a link to your Company Page if you use Twitter. Post it on Facebook – you get the picture.

Post Status Updates

Post status updates from your LinkedIn Company Page every day. These links can be blog posts, articles of interest, relevant news or anything else your followers might find interesting. Don’t post too often – you don’t want to come off spammy. It’s important you enable company updates for you page as well.

Add Practice Areas aka Services

LinkedIn Company Pages offer “Products” tabs. These are designed to showcase products and/or services. Describe your practice area(s) and get creative. You can add pictures and links. You can also put links to upcoming conferences, webinars, and/or classes.

Add the Blog RSS Feed

Does your law fim have a blog? Feature your blog’s content automatically by adding the blog’s RSS feed to your LinkedIn Company Page. Your latest posts will appear on the overview tab. Adding the RSS feed is easy to do. Go into edit mode of your page’s “Overview” tab, scroll down, and enter the URL of your blog’s RSS feed. Done!

LinkedIn is definitely catching on when it comes to how to do social media right. The ability to post updates from your LinkedIn Company Page is a game changer when it comes to engagement. Don’t forget to check out how many people are viewing your page on the Analytics tab.

Are you going to update your law firm LinkedIn Company Page? Let us know how it works for you and any other neat features you come across in the comments below!

Samantha Collier

Samantha Collier supports lawyers, law firms and legal industry consultants in their social media marketing efforts. Her blog, Social Media for Law Firms, won the 2011 Canadian Law Blog Awards in the Best Practice Management Category and she was recently recognized as part of “The 24: Canada’s Top Legal Social Media Influencers” from The Counsel Network.

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