1. Jay Pinkert (@FollowtheLawyer) says:


    I’m SO glad you didn’t recommend starting with blogging, and that you cite it as a possible — not mandatory — next step, because I honestly think any lawyer who doesn’t have a blog by now should think long and hard before starting one (saturation, shifting online preferences and behaviors — More about that in an upcoming post :) )

    I would also add that content sharing services like JD Supra and SlideShare are good candidates for discovery and engagement. But yes, LinkeIn is a must. It’s the new business card.

  2. Samantha Collier says:

    Hi Jay,

    Thank you for your comments. I agree starting a blog is a big endeavor as well as a big time investment (especially when you have billable targets to reach!). JD Supra and Slideshare are excellent services to start off with. They are easy to maneuver, and the content produced is easy to share!

    I look forward to reading your next post :)


  3. D. Todd Smith says:

    Kevin’s post and yours made me think of an article I wrote for Texas Lawyer laws year. Interesting to look back on it now with the addition of G+ to the mix.


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