How to Stay Inspired for Consistent Legal Blogging

How to Stay Inspired for Consistent Legal Blogging

You’re a legal professional in charge of contributing to your firm’s blog on a regular basis. You’re intelligent, you have an arguably impeccable and extensive vocabulary, you’re passionate about law, and you frequently encounter new cases to inspire fresh ideas. So, why do you have such a hard time writing blog posts?

You’re busy. A legal career is fast paced and rarely boring. You’re always preparing paperwork, meeting with clients, networking, researching, never mind trying to manage your personal life on the side of your career.

I recently asked “How do you blog consistently? Where do you get your inspiration? What does your blogging process look like from idea to publishing?” on Quora.

Surprisingly, I only got one answer, however, it was an exceptional one. Paige Brown Jarreau gave plenty of great information in her answer and I want to expand on it for the legal profession.

Read Quote of Paige Brown Jarreau’s answer to How do you blog consistently? Where do you get your inspiration? What does your blogging process look like from idea to publishing? on Quora

There are two important takeaways here:

  1. Stop forcing yourself to write.
  2. Start looking at life differently.

Blogging Shouldn’t be a Chore

When you stop forcing yourself to write, it stops feeling like a chore. Give yourself a general idea of how often you’d like to publish blog posts in a month and keep that in the back of your mind.

This guideline doesn’t necessarily mean you should only write, for example, once a week on Thursdays. Write only when you have the inspiration. Once you get good at this, you’ll end up with a backlog of blog posts to choose from on deadline day.

Blogging Should Come Naturally

While you’re practicing law or living life, try looking at things in a different light by keeping your blog’s theme in the back of your mind.

Constantly be considering everything you experience as a topic for your blog. How might others think of this topic and what might they want to learn from your experience?

If you do these two things, writing will start to naturally come to you. You’ll no longer need to find the time to write a blog post. You’ll be so inspired in the moment that you won’t want to put it off!

Tools for Consistent Blogging

The final takeaway is to always be prepared. You never know when the inspiration will come to you, so ensure you’re always ready.

Always have a notepad on hand, or, for the tech-savvy lawyers, a writing app on your smartphone or tablet. If your website or blog is WordPress generated, you can download the WordPress app for Apple or Android and jot your inspiration down in a drafted post.

Jot down anything and everything you can think of in that moment and revisit it and edit it for publishing later.

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