ZMOT: The Zero Moment of [Canadian Legal] Truth

ZMOT: The Zero Moment of [Canadian Legal] Truth

For those of you who attended the Google Event hosted at Google Canada’s HQ in Toronto in honour of our new Google Partner status, you may remember hearing the term ‘Zero moment of truth,’ also known as ZMOT. For those of you who weren’t there, you may have never heard of it.

ZMOT: The Zero Moment of [Canadian Legal] Truth

What is the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)?

The ZMOT is that moment someone searches Google for your services. The micro-moments (want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-do, want-to-buy moments) are the actions and thoughts that trigger the ZMOT.

Alec Humes played this video at the Google event explaining micro-moments:

Canadian Legal ZMOT

How does ZMOT relate to the Canadian legal industry?

More like, how doesn’t it?

Before an individual wants-to-hire a lawyer (a ZMOT moment), something happens to them that they want-to-know more about, want-to-go to, want-to-do something about, or want-to-buy something to fix. It’s your job to understand and monetize these moments. Tailor unique and creative AdWords campaigns to get your services in front of potential clients in their need-to-know, need-to-go, need-to-do, or need-to-buy moments.

What Micro-Moments Trigger a Canadian’s Legal ZMOT (Want-to-Hire a Lawyer Moments)?

Let’s look at an example.

A young couple recently discovered they’re expecting a baby. Naturally they turn to Google to research and learn about preparation for the baby’s arrival. They find tips on child proofing doors and drawers, books on parenting styles, controversial articles about breastfeeding vs. formula, and the list goes on. Will these soon-to-be parents find your will writing services in their search results?

This is just one example of a micro-moment that might lead to a Legal ZMOT. Canadian lawyers can monetize these ZMOTs by identifying the micro-moments that lead consumers to search for their services and advertise to them.

Winning Canadian Legal ZMOT

Google first introduced the idea of ZMOT in 2011. Today, the Internet and the way consumers use it is so much different. ZMOT is still very much relevant today, however, in a different way than it was in 2011. Today we must consider the devices consumers are using to fulfill ZMOT moments.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President and Product Management at Google AdWords said, “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

With Google’s search engines and online consume behavior constantly evolving, so too must the way businesses win ZMOT. That’s why Lawyers wishing to win Legal ZMOT must consider mobile advertising.

Want to know the four-step process in winning Legal ZMOT? Stay tuned for our next piece. Or, you could always hire a Google Partner specializing in Google AdWords (that’s us) to do the hard work for you.

Natalie Waddell

Founder and President at Inc.
Natalie was spirited to start this company after a frustrating and poor personal experience when searching for a lawyer back in the late nineties. “I quickly realized that the tools available to assist someone in finding the right lawyer were grossly inadequate. Not only inadequate for the individual in need of a lawyer, but also inadequate for the lawyers in search of new clients. There had to be a better way to connect clients and lawyers in a more efficient manner – without wasting everybody’s time and effort”, explains Natalie.

Natalie brings a passion to the business that ensures the entire team strives to improve the service for both lawyers and the general public. To that end, she is committed to ongoing communication with our members and welcomes and relies on clients’ input to continually evolve the service to make it better for all.

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